Enjoyed by many for its freshwater lakes for fishing, swimming, boating and skating, Rockwood is the hub of outdoor activities year round.

Over 55 trails and footpaths will guide you through the Park’s unspoiled charm, with its unusual topography and geography. A Stonehammer Geopark site, Rockwood’s billion years of history can be seen in unique rock formations, caves and waterfalls. Discover all the fascinating treasures in New Brunswick’s all season natural amusement park.


With a wealth of natural wonders within the park boundaries, Rockwood Park strives to deliver a variety of ongoing conservation programs.

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Beaver Deceiver

You might have noticed this strange contraption in Harrigan Lake. A

resident beaver had taken to damming up the culvert under the Zoo Trail, threatening to flood the trail. The "beaver deceiver" is a fence installed in the water around the mouth of the culvert. Fish and other animals are able to swim through the fence, but beavers, as clever as they might be, are unable to figure out how to dam such an unnatural shape. this simple solution allows people and beavers to share the park without incident.

Rockwood Park Turtle Research  [click]

What to do if you accidentally hook a turtle

Help protect our bats!

White nose syndrome is a bat-killing fungal disease that was accidentally introduced to North America and has killed over 5.7 million bats. It spread into New Brunswick in 2011, killing nearly all bats at hibernation sites, including those in Rockwood Park. You can help by staying out of our caves, especially in winter when bats may be hibernating. For more information, visit WhiteNoseSyndroe.org .

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