Rockwood Park is a popular birding location, and is often location to some of the first springtime migratory bird sightings. Bird watchers can marvel at the dozens of feathered species. A good variety of warblers nest in the Park as well as scarlet tanagers, northern orioles, chickadees, ruby-throated hummingbirds, red-breasted nuthatches, mourning doves, and hermit thrushes. Birds of prey such as osprey, various species of eagles and hawks are common especially in the more open areas. Owls are also sighted regularly.  Visit the interpretation centre for a complete manual of birds likely to be seen in the Park, or partake in one of our many naturalist bird identification seminars to hone your skills.

List of Birds Seen in Rockwood Park

List of Birds seen in Rockwood Park - may 2014.pdf 260.6KB