Geocaching and Earthcaching

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that is almost like a world-wide treasure hunt. Hidden away from prying eyes, containers called ‘caches’ hold small prizes for whoever finds them. Geochaches are found all over the world, but to start, there are a number of them in Rockwood Park to find. For an organized geocaching trip in the park, contact Inside-Out Nature Centre.

Inside-Out Nature

Phone: 506-672-0770

Want to find some caches of your own? Take a look at this world-wide map of caches ->

Earthcaching is similar to geocaching, but instead of finding a container with a small prize, you find an interesting natural feature of the landscape.  Here’s links to two earthcaches in Rockwood Park:
Rock On ~
A Hunt for Marble Rock
Rock On ~
A Hunt for Gneiss Rock