With over 55 km of footpaths and trails throughout Rockwood Park, you can walk all day without retracing your steps and easily forget you are in the middle of Saint John. The trails are all well maintained, well marked and can accommodate any desired level of ease or difficulty.

Download the trail map below to begin exploring today! Save it on your smart device or visit the Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre for a free colour printed version.

Rockwood Park Trail Map

Rockwood Trail Map (2015).pdf 6.1MB


Off-Leash Wilderness Trails

We now have designated Off-Leash Wilderness Trails in the North-East section of the park. So long as your dog can be trusted to not harass people, wildlife or other dogs, they can frolic freely in the forest. The off-leash section is marked in pink on the map below.

Note: this does not include the main Zoo Trail. Dogs must still be leashed on the Zoo Trail and throughout the rest of the park, where an off-leash dog is a fineable offense.

Off-Leash Map 588.1KB


Off-Leash Trails include:
Owen Lake

Moose Trax

Heartrate Hill

Sponge Bob

Long Lake

Newfound Trail