Please contact the Interpretation Centre for more information on any of the following programs....

Nature Hike (Skulls, Scat, and Tracks)

A hike through the park searching for signs of wildlife. We will examine models of skulls, scat, and tracks to learn how to identify wildlife in the area based on these features (e.g., examining the teeth in an animal’s skull can tell us whether it is a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore). We will also learn how to identify several of the common bird species by sight and sound. During the hike, your guide will be happy to answer any questions you have about the plants and animals that you see along the trails.
Age appropriateness: 5 years and up.

Turtle Research and Conservation

We conducted our first field season studying the turtles at Rockwood Park in the summer of 2014! During this program we will talk about turtle biology, the different species present in New Brunswick, threats to turtle populations, how and why we conducted our research in Rockwood Park, what we found from our research, and what people can do to help these populations persist. Students will then have the opportunity to meet two exotic turtles that we caught during our research and if time allows we will hike to see a site where turtles have been observed.

Age appropriateness: 8 years and up.
Bats and Caves

We will learn about bat species diversity, causes of decline, white-nose syndrome, and the current status of bats in New Brunswick. We will then talk about how caves are formed and why caves are important for bats as we walk the Clean Air Trail and view karst rock formations.

Age appropriateness: 8 years and up.

Outdoor Survival Skills

Depending on the season, we will learn about poisonous plants to avoid, plants that can be helpful, bear safety, orienteering though the backwoods, traditional hunting techniques, and/or finding a shelter.

Age appropriateness: 8 years and up.

Exploring the Microscopic World

We will explore the microscopic realm of every day natural items. First, we’ll go out on a nature walk and learn how plants reproduce, what causes allergies, or how every snowflake is unique. We’ll gather items from the outdoors and bring them back to the interpretation centre where we’ll examine them under our microscopes. This activity is perfect if the weather is bad, best in the spring and fall when there’s plenty of activity in the plant world.

Age appropriateness: 7 years and up.

Gardening: Growing Veggies and Habitat for Species at Risk

Growing an organic vegetable garden or native flower garden is a healthy lifestyle option.  During this program we will learn how to plant and recognize some of the common fruits, veggies, and native flowers.  We will talk about garden pests (e.g., slugs, caterpillars, etc.) and helpful invertebrates (e.g., bees, ladybugs, etc.) and also about the importance of native flowers as food and habitat for our native species.  In particular, we will discuss Monarch Butterfly declines and how growing milkweed flowers can help in their recovery.  We will then care for our plants by removing harmful invertebrates and weeds and if crops are ready for harvest, we will pick and sample the fresh fruit/veggies!  This program takes place at the children’s garden in the Rockwood Park playground and is available from June to September.
Age appropriateness: 5 years and up.
All programs are free for groups to attend. Call 658-2883 or email to schedule a date/time.